Grow Your Business Exponentially

The Leveraged Business: a free half-day, interactive workshop for overwhelmed six-figure business owners serious about scaling, with their freedom back.

Thursday, May 18th
9AM - 1PM Eastern

  • You have grown your business to a consistent monthly income, but you’re stretched too thin, and everything depends on you. This is unsustainable. 
  • You want things to run more smoothly, with better systems and better help, but you don’t know where to start.
  • ​You want to grow, pay yourself more and take time off, but you can’t.

If so, you’re in the right place.

Fabienne will cover the 8 Leverage Activators to growing to a million a year (without sacrificing your life) during this free half-day Strategy Workshop Event on Zoom.

Get valuable lessons in this free, exclusive half-day Strategy Workshop (virtual event). Register below: 
The Sales System for
Close more sales by never "selling yourself" ever again...

Please know that the content of this training will best serve you if:

  • You are making upwards of $100K a year (or more) in your existing business and looking to scale to the next level. (Those not at this level yet will find that the content and conversations would not be helpful).
  • ​You can 100% commit to being there for the duration of the online event. This is a super-engaged, intimate day of discovery and sharing with me and the other women business owners, and it would break the flow to have people popping in and out, while everyone else is working on their business.
  • ​You understand that there will not be a recording of this event provided afterward; it is a highly-participatory, live-only event.

What is Leverage?

In business, Leverage is the ability to multiply the outcome of one's efforts without a corresponding increase in input. In other words, Leverage is the act of increasing results without putting in more effort.

Better results, less effort means that you can indeed scale your business, and get your life and freedom back. We will show you how in this free live event with Fabienne. You are far from alone, and we can help - and it all starts with registering today!

The 8 Leverage Activators

When you leverage different aspects of your business, you create a business that effectively manages itself - that not only scales without you needing to do much, but also allows you to grow your income and get your life back.


Collaborative support from others you can trust.


Assured scalability through documented processes.


Personal/professional boundary balance & best use of time.


Structured frameworks to deliver the work.


Automated lead generating activities.


Top-to-bottom culture of collective ownership.


Eliminate the competition.


Leveraged support from a key second-in-command.

About Fabienne
Mentor to tens of thousands of women business owners, Fabienne will show you how to go from overwhelmed at 6-figures in your business, to making 20K, 50K, even 100K a month, while enjoying 14-16 weeks of vacation per year.

Join her for this free, exclusive half-day Strategy Workshop (on Zoom) to discuss how.

Bring your questions for Fabienne and prepare to discover how to transform your business. 

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About Fabienne Fredrickson
Fabienne and The Leverage Business Community
Join celebrated business coach Fabienne Fredrickson for a free, exclusive half-day Strategy Workshop (virtual event). Register now: 
This event is limited to attendees making upward of $8K (or more) per month in their business. 
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Grow Your Business Exponentially (with your life back!) The Leveraged Business, a half-day interactive workshop for six-figure business owners serious about scaling, with their freedom back. Thursday, April 20th 9am-1pm Eastern, Virtual Event (Zoom) with Fabienne Fredrickson, author of The Leveraged Business