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working half the time!
Fabienne Fredrickson, founder of The Leveraged Business
Fabienne Fredrickson, Founder of The Leveraged Business, multi 7-figure a year business owner for 15 years, Mentor to thousands of women, wife, mother of 3


for an interactive (no charge) workshop that will get you from overwhelmed at 6 figures to multiple 6 figures (even a million a year), with your life back.

Friday, December 15th
9AM-1PM Eastern

Could you get your business to 20K, 50K even 100K a month, with heart and without sacrificing your life? Yes. This exclusive, half-day workshop shows you exactly how.

What is a Leveraged Business?

A leveraged business is one that manages itself, with or without you. By applying the eight Leverage Activators, you can create a self-managing business that grows your impact, influence and income while giving you your freedom back, getting you from six to seven figures.

Fabienne teaching about The Leveraged Business
How to know if this workshop is for you

Are you overwhelmed?

  • ​You have become the bottleneck in your business.
  • You are overworked, often working on evenings and weekends.
  • You’re not paying yourself enough or taking enough time off.

Are you frustrated?

  •  You’re operating solo, delivering all/most the work and you don’t see an end in sight.
  • ​Your success is being held back because there are not enough systems or the ones you have aren’t being followed.
  • You don’t always feel comfortable letting go because the people supporting you don’t fully understand what you want or how to do it right, and it’s difficult to let go.

Are you craving a sense of freedom?

  • You desperately want time off to enjoy your life and do what matters most, but you’re afraid things will go wrong (or won't make money) if you aren’t there.
  • ​You want things to run smoothly without you, but you must oversee everything, and you’re exhausted.
  • You dream of scaling your reach, income and impact, but at this point, the idea of growing further feels like a jail sentence.
This interactive live workshop is transformational.
Here’s what you’ll get once you get access:

1. Learn to break free from overwhelm.

  • You will gain strategies to eliminate bottlenecks and create a business that runs smoothly even without your constant involvement.
  • ​You will discover how to regain control of your time by implementing effective systems and processes that streamline your operations.
  • ​You will finally get how to embrace a healthy work-life balance and stop sacrificing evenings and weekends to keep your business afloat.
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Rocket taking off

2. Propel your success to new heights:

  • Liberate yourself from being the sole contributor and learn how to effectively delegate tasks to trusted team members.
  • ​Discover proven systems that optimize your business operations, enabling you to achieve your full potential and remove growth barriers.
  • ​Gain the confidence to entrust your team with tasks, knowing they understand your expectations and can deliver outstanding results.

3. Embrace true freedom:

  • Unlock the secrets to taking time off without the fear of everything falling apart in your absence.
  • Transform your business into a well-documented and self-managing powerhouse, allowing you to step back and avoid burnout.
  • ​Unleash your potential for exponential growth, scaling your impact, income, and reach without feeling trapped or overwhelmed.

Woman feeling freedom, arms wide open

You CAN find relief and grow your business,
without compromising your life any longer.

Like so many thousands of women before you who have successfully learned this process, it is absolutely possible for you to scale your business to multiple 6-figures (eventually a million) a year, while paying yourself more and taking as many as 14 or more weeks of unplugged vacations annually.

It all starts with creating a Leveraged Business.
(You can have this, and you are worthy of it.)

Meet Fabienne Fredrickson - Your Trusted Guide to Business Transformation
Fabienne Fredrickson is a renowned business mentor, transformational expert, and the driving force behind countless success stories. With nearly 25 years of coaching experience, she has dedicated her career to helping overwhelmed 6-figure business owners break free from the chains of burnout and unlock their true potential.

As a sought-after mentor, Fabienne has inspired and empowered thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe to transform their businesses and lives. Her unique approach combines practical strategies with powerful mindset shifts, enabling her clients to achieve extraordinary results.
About Fabienne Fredrickson
Fabienne Fredrickson
Fabienne's expertise lies in streamlining operations, implementing effective systems, and creating a sustainable business that thrives even when the owner takes time off. She is a master at helping entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm, eliminate bottlenecks, and build teams that share their vision.

In this exclusive online workshop, Fabienne will share her proven techniques, practical advice, and transformational insights to help overwhelmed 6-figure business owners reclaim their freedom, reignite their passion, and achieve unparalleled success. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a true expert and embark on a journey of business transformation like never before.
Join celebrated business coach, Fabienne Fredrickson, for a free, exclusive half-day Strategy Workshop (virtual event). Register now:
Fabienne and The Leverage Business Community
Fabienne Fredrickson and Rachel Dunham
Fabienne has shown me that it is totally possible to be a mom, have a successful business, and challenge the status quo. - Rachel Dunham
Grow Your Business Exponentially (with your life back!) The Leveraged Business, a half-day interactive workshop for six-figure business owners serious about scaling, with their freedom back. Thursday, April 20th 9am-1pm Eastern, Virtual Event (Zoom) with Fabienne Fredrickson, author of The Leveraged Business